PHP Developers, Test Engineers, Java, .NET. SQL, JavaScript, Agile, Solutions Architects, Data Scientists, Systems Administrators, IT Support, Product Managers, BI, Project Managers, Front & Backend, Full Stack, App & Website Design, SEO, PPC





Technical & Engineering

Analysts, Asbestos, Engineers,  CNC Programmers, Automotive, Business Managers, Testers, Project Managers, Technicians, Design Engineers, Quality Managers - anyone specialised or technical!


Sales & Customers

IT Sales, Cloud based Sales, Sales Engineers, Manufacturing Business Development, Account Management, Technical Sales, Field Sales Executives, Specialist Sales.


time is money!

How long do you wait for CVs?  The best candidates are snapped up quickly, sometimes before you have even got your advert online.  Sourcing sites, watching, being first to chat to "fresh to the market" candidates and sometimes before they even go on any job site or reply to advert!

Quickest turnaround is interviews within 24 hours.  We thrive on deadlines!  Why not try our service and see the difference?

Why compromise with your success?

Our team are waiting to make you and your role(s) a priority.   We are making a big impact by providing an excellent service at a great price.

Watsons Recruitment has gained a reputation for filling specialist IT, Technical and Sales roles throughout the UK wide and is specially chosen by national and international brands to identify, pre-screen and secure them talent.

No more waiting for CVs while your job is put on the board with loads of other jobs!  No more reading for hours through irrelevant CVs that take up your time!

No more paying horrendous fees.

Whatever your needs, whatever your budget - we can help!


Jay and Ang

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